Anti-immigrant sentiments plague sex workers of Geneva’s ‘Red-Light’ district [Switzerland]

Author: Carli Pierson, Women News Network [USA], Published on: 10 September 2012

[T]he economic crisis in Europe raises new concerns about...criminal networks mov[ing] women into countries less affected by the financial crisis [such as Switzerland]...To combat deteriorating conditions, the sex workers of Paquis have recently formed the first sex workers syndicate in Switzerland...The issues are numerous. They include efforts by sex workers to stop the allowance made in Geneva for landlords to charge sex workers any price they wish for rent...The syndicate is also asking for greater human rights in protection and also for the Police Vice Unit of Paquis in Geneva to tighten down on all incidents of violence against women, especially violence against sex workers in the area...In addition to HIV/AIDS, some of the diseases plaguing sex workers also include diabetes and tuberculosis...

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