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17 January 2004

WEF [World Economic Forum]: Snail's pace on social issues

Author: Alan Boyd, Asia Times

...a Global Governance Initiative (GGI) established in late 2002...has seven groups of experts analyzing how business can relate to the Millennium Summit issues of peace and security, poverty, hunger, education, health, environment and human rights.....

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11 February 2002

Private Firms and Nonprofits Link Up to Help Bridge "Digital Divide"

Author: Beth Bolitho, OneWorld

The Global Digital Opportunity Initiative...aims to close the "digital divide" by providing pro-bono expertise and tools to help developing countries meet healthcare and education needs, and reduce poverty...Private companies, including AOL Time Warner...

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21 September 2001

AOL UK - The digital divide

Author: Ethical Performance magazine

In collaboration with the charity John Grooms, which provides housing and residential care for disabled people, the company [AOL UK] has given free computers, internet access and training to around 50 of the charity’s clients to improve their quality...

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