Apple's Chinese workers treated 'inhumanely, like machines'

Author: Gethin Chamberlain, Guardian [UK], Published on: 30 April 2011

An investigation into the conditions of Chinese workers [of Apple iPhones and iPads]...has revealed disturbing allegations of excessive working hours and draconian workplace rules at two major plants in southern China. It has also uncovered an "anti-suicide" pledge that workers at the two plants have been urged to sign, after a series of employee deaths last year... The report accuses Foxconn of treating workers "inhumanely, like machines"...Foxconn ...manager Louis Woo...claimed that all the extra hours were voluntary...[and] said: "Suicides were not connected to bad working conditions. There was a copy effect. If one commits suicide, then others will follow." In a statement, Apple said: "Apple is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility throughout our supply base...We drive compliance with the code through a rigorous monitoring programme...”

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