April 11: International Action Day for Workers Health & Safety in Bangladesh

Author: Clean Clothes Campaign, Published on: 6 April 2006

April 11 is the one-year anniversary of the Spectrum-Shahriyar factory collapse in Bangladesh...64 persons died and 74 were injured...The accumulation of recent incidents in Bangladesh causing more deaths and injuries proves the urgency of the outstanding demand for immediate and structural safety measures. The International Action Day is a day to push all factory owners in Bangladesh, all companies sourcing production in Bangladesh, industry associations and public authorities to take action on this demand. [also refers to incidents at KTS Textile Industries, Phoenix Building, Imam Group, Sayem Fashions, Choudhury Knitwear, Maico Sweater, Misco Supermarket, Shan Knitting. And refers to sourcing companies, indicating which have / have not taken steps: Inditex, Carrefour, Solo Invest, CMT Windfield, Cotton Group, KarstadtQuelle, Steilmann, New Yorker, Bluhmod, Scapino, New Wave Group, Harvest, Uni Hosiery, Mermaid International, ATT Enterprise, VIDA Enterprise, Leslee Scott, Ambiance, Andrew Scott, Phoenix Garments, Kmart (part of Sears), Folsom, Charles F. Berg, Wet Seal, Zara (part of Inditex), NKD, Bershka, Aldi, X-mail, La Senza, R.D. International, Razzledazzle, Mango tree, Ada Gatti, Kreisy, Persival]

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