Armenia: NGO says waste from Deno Gold mine pollutes communities surrounding Norashenik River

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Company response
9 March 2011

Response by Deno Gold Mining (part of Dundee Precious Metals): Waste from Deno Gold allegedly pollutes communities by Norashenik River.

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Company response
4 March 2011

[PDF] Dundee Precious Metals response regarding concerns about contamination of rural land areas with waste from Kapan combine (Armenia)

Author: Deno Gold Mining

The Artsvanik Tailings dam is the only operating facility in Norashenik and belongs to the Kajaran molybdenum mine. A small portion of that dam was rented by DGMC in 2005 to be temporarily used...In terms of area and impact it is about 0.4% of the total Kajaran TMF. The area leased is currently closed and in the last stages of recultivation and rehabilitation. This is being carried out by DGMC and has minimal influence, if any on adjacent rivers...At this time DGMC does not have a main discharge point to the Norashenik River. Deno Gold...does monthly audits and testing of all the discharges...

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18 February 2011

Tailing dump in Norashenik contaminates surrounding community land areas [Armenia]

Author: EcoLur

The inner flow of the Norashenik River in Kapan is heavily polluted with industrial waste waters, and the reason for this is that Norashenik is under heavy pressure of mining industry. The tailing dump in Norashenik is located on the Norashenik river...Waters filtered from the tailing dump are filled into the Norashenik River, and its water is used to irrigate the land areas in Syunik Village, Zangelan and other communities. That’s why the residents complain rural land areas are polluted with mining, particularly with waste from Kapan combine [part of Deno Gold Mining, which is part of Dundee Precious Metals].

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