[article & video] 3 men brutally beaten by mall security: lawsuit [Canada]

Author: Jon Woodward, CTV news, Published on: 28 June 2011

Three men who say they were brutally beaten at the hands of the private security at Vancouver's Harbour Centre Mall sued the security firm…[They] say in lawsuits and in human rights complaints that employees of Fusion Security targeted them because they appeared to be poor…Alexander claimed that he and Kreke were leaving the BC Liquor Store…when they were stopped by security guards, dragged into a stairwell, and beaten viciously. Pictures taken of the scene show blood all over the floor of the stairwell, and Alexander with blood seeping through heavy bandages on his head…Larrain said he was the victim of a similar beating…two months later in a similar lawsuit and human rights complaint…Vancouver Police said officers attended the…incident, but decided there wasn't enough evidence to lay criminal charges…

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