[article & video] Bangladesh leather trade's toxic cost

Author: Al Jazeera, Published on: 3 July 2011

Many workers in the country's booming leather industry suffer from diseases related to chemical exposure...Bangladesh's booming leather industry brought in more than $460 million in revenue last year. But the human cost is also high, with many workers suffer from diseases related to exposure to the fumes of a toxic chemical called Chromium. [transcript:] Continuous exposure almost certainly leads to cancer...22 thousand cubic meters of Chromium is damped in the near by river every day, effectively killing all live in this waterway...Some of them [bits of skin] is processed and fed to chickens at nearby poultry farms...Nasim Manzur runs the country’s big shoe factory [Apex Adelchi]. He has been lobbying the government to build a safe industrial park, but authorities do not see this as a priority. So he built his own plant.

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