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As a result of a corporate restructuring in early 2007, Asia Energy became a subsidiary of GCM Resources.

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10 May 2017

Bangladesh: Phulbari protesters give ultimatum to meet 6-point demands

Author: Bipul Sarker Sunny, Tribune [Bangladesh]

Leaders of the National Committee to Protect Oil, Gas, Mineral Resources, Power and Ports have demanded immediate implementation of their six-point demands regarding the clash between police and people who protested the proposed Phulbari open pit coal...

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27 January 2009

[PDF] [Response to reports on environmental & resettlement impacts of Phulbari Coal]

Author: GCM Resources

The Bank Information Center (BIC)...has co-authored one report and commissioned another on Asia Energy Corporation (Bangladesh) Pty Ltd’s...proposed coal mine in northwest Bangladesh... To get a balanced view of the Project, it is important to...

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11 December 2008

Phulbari Coal Project: critique of environment plans sets off alarms [Bangladesh]

Author: Bank Information Center

The Phulbari Coal Project threatens numerous dangers and potential damages... The project's Summary Environmental Impact Assessment, and its full Environmental and Social Impact Assessment are replete with vague assurances, issuing many promises of...

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10 December 2008

Bangladesh: Concerns over environmental & social impacts of Asia Energy/GCM Resources' Phulbari coal project

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12 November 2008

[PDF] Phulbari Coal: A Parlous Project

Author: Roger Moody, Nostromo Research [UK]

A critique of the GCM Resources PLC Environment and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Summary Environmental Impact Assessment (SEIA) for the Phulbari Coal Mine Project in Bangladesh......

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1 August 2008

[PDF] Phulbari Coal Project: An Assessment of the Draft Resettlement Plan Prepared by Global Coal Management/Asia Energy Corporation

Author: Jennifer Kalafut, International Accountability Project, with Bank Information Center

This report provides a desk review and assessment of the December 2006 draft Resettlement Plan (RP) prepared by AEC [Asia Energy Corp. (part of GCM Resources)]... [Section headings include:] Underestimation of affected peoples... Lack of replacement...

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19 November 2007

[PDF] full report: "Fanning the Flames: The role of British mining companies in conflict and the violation of human rights"

Author: Mark Curtis, War on Want

This report forms part of War on Want’s campaign to confront those companies which exacerbate or profit from war…The following pages examine the role of the mining industry in exacerbating conflict and human rights abuse across the world…War on Want...

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18 October 2006

A real power struggle

Author: Mark Curtis, author of Goldrush, a report for Actionaid on business in the developing world, and Unpeople: Britain's Secret Human Rights Abuses, in Guardian [UK]

Addressing overseas development without discussing the regulation of big business is like talking about malaria without mentioning mosquitoes. Yet New Labour's supposed commitment to eradicating global poverty does not even pretend to seek to rein in...

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5 September 2006

Deal with Asia Energy: Expert body in a fix to finalise report

Author: Syful Islam, New Nation [Bangladesh]

The committee, which is evaluating the feasibility study report submitted by the Asia Energy Corporation (AEN), is in a fix to bring a conclusion in its report as the government announced cancellation of the agreement with the London based coal...

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3 September 2006

The mystery death, a town in uproar and a $1bn UK mines deal [Bangladesh]

Author: Jamie Doward, Mahtab Haider, Observer [UK]

Asia Energy...wants to mine 15 million tonnes of coal a year for the next 30 years in Phulbari...Backed by a number of leading British banks, including Barclays, the company will make a huge amount of money if it is allowed to dig for coal there...But...

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