Asia Floor Wage Alliance & Global Labor Justice launch #GarmentMeToo campaign to end gender-based violence in supply chains

Author: Asia Floor Wage Alliance, Published on: 3 May 2019

"#GarmentMeToo: Women Garment Workers Demand an End to Gender Based Violence Across the Global Garment Supply Chain", 3 May 2019

Today, Global Labor Justice and Asia Floor Wage Alliance announce the launch of a new global campaign, #GarmentMeToo. The campaign...centres the dignity and economic security of women workers led by women trade union leaders in order to win concrete solutions and contribute to new international labor standards and ultimately create power building roles for supplier unions, allied unions, women’s organizations, human rights organizations, and consumers in brand supplier producing and retail countries.

The purpose of the campaign is to target the supply chains of garment apparel brands in order to bring brands and their suppliers to the table with supplier unions to bargain and create changes on production lines at the industrial level as well as along global supply chains...  

Anannya Bhattacharjee, secretariat of Asia Floor Wage Alliance says,... When women workers in precarious poverty-level jobs speak up they face immediate retaliation and backlash. If fashion brands are serious about commitments to women’s empowerment they and their suppliers should work, locally and regionally, with the Asia Floor Wage Alliance Women’s Leadership Committee... — composed of women garment worker leaders across Asia — to change conditions in the factories immediately.”...

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