Asia Pacific: Richard Branson launches B-Team Australasia; an entrepreneurial collective advocating for responsible business

Author: Sarah Kimmorley, Business Insider Australia, Published on: 14 October 2018

"Richard Branson's The B-Team launches in Australia", 10 October 2018

Sir Richard Branson’s project The B-Team, a non-profit collective of wealthy entrepreneurs advocating for a socially responsible capitalism, has launched in the Asia Pacific.

The group will call on purpose-driven leaders across the region to champion a new way of doing business — one which benefits people, the planet and profit — and address critical issues specific to Australasia.

...The B Team Australasia will work to “developing forward looking principles to advance human dignity in a changing world of work, in addition to driving net-zero emissions by 2050”.

...The B Team Australasia team includes:

  • Richard Branson, Co-Founder, The B Team, Founder, Virgin Group
  • Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team, General Secretary, International Trade Union
  • David Gonski, Co-Chair, The B Team Australasia, responsible for 100% Human/Future of Work Initiative; Chairman, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ Bank); Chancellor, University of New South Wales
  • Lynette Mayne, Co-Chair, The B Team Australasia, Director, Chief Executive Women + its Leaders Program; Asian Development Bank’s Female Leadership Program in the Pacific
  • Peter Allen, CEO and Executive Director, Scentre Group
  • Michael Cameron, CEO and Managing Director, Suncorp Group
  • Andrew Liveris, Former Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemicals and B Team Leader
  • Geoff Lloyd, CEO of MLC
  • Susan Lloyd Hurwitz, CEO and Managing Director, Mirvac
  • Sam Mostyn, Commissioner, Business and Sustainable Development Commission
  • Radek Sali, Chairman and Founder, Light Warrior Group
  • Ann Sherry, Executive Chairman, Carnival Australia
  • Catherine Tanna, Managing Director, Energy Australia

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