Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) holds consultations on its environmental & social framework, NGOs say process is "grossly inadequate"

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16 February 2016

Oxfam HK submission to AIIB Environmental and Social Framework Consultation

Author: Oxfam HK

"Recommendations on the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank Environmental and Social Framework Consultation", 5 Oct 2015

…The draft framework and the consultation process are a step in the right direction. However, Oxfam believes that the AIIB has an opportunity to enhance its processes and ultimately its investment outcomes by further integrating best practices for social and environmental impacts and by further expanding its consultation process on the draft ESF.

The draft ESF treats environmental and social impacts as operational and reputational risks that the AIIB seeks to mitigate (para 4), although it does recognise the benefits of social inclusion (para 7). Environmental and social safeguard policies have traditionally been treated as risk mitigation approaches by investors. However, there is growing recognition that sound environmental and social practices are crucial for successful investments and long-term sustainable project outcomes. Oxfam encourages the AIIB to consider the benefits of environmental and social policy requirements in supporting long-term project outcomes.

[Topics include:]
Consultation Process…
Involuntary Resettlement…
Loopholes in the protections afforded in draft ESF Standard 2…
Grievance Mechanism…
Food Security…
Indigenous Peoples…
Environmental Classification…
Financial Intermediaries…
Country Systems…
Phased Approach…
Due Diligence and Staffing…
Information Disclosure…

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Author: 创绿中心

截止10月底,已有54个国家正式签署了亚投行…的《亚洲基础设施投资银行协定…亚投行预计2015年年底正式运营,2016年第二季度开始贷款,首批项目将集中在电力、交通、供水三 大领域…9月初,亚投行在其官网发布《环境和社会保障框架》…

民间组织认为,亚投行多次对外承诺将采用高标准的治理规则,但从磋商程序的安排及框架草案看,这一承诺是否兑现还未可知…磋商程序是以 英语为沟通语言的视频会议展开,增加了当地社区参与的门槛…民间组织也呼吁亚投行建 立问责机制,按照制定出的标准处理投诉。此外,国际组织也在呼吁亚投行能减少煤炭投资…但是亚投行日前已经宣布投资10亿美元支持印尼煤炭项目。  


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Author: 創綠中心




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15 November 2015

UN human rights experts letter & comments to AIIB on draft environmental & social framework

Author: Special Rapporteurs & Independent Experts of the UN Human Rights Council

"Special Procedures of the United Nations Human Rights Council: Comments on the Draft Environmental and Social Framework of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank", 26 Oct 2015

On 26 October 2015 eleven Special Rapporteurs and Independent Experts of the UN Human Rights Council submitted observations on the draft environmental and social framework of the future Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

In their joint letter the UN human rights experts welcomed the steps taken by the AIIB to establish mandatory environmental and social standards, but recommended that human rights should be more rigorously integrated within the proposed safeguard policies.  The experts said that human rights norms apply as well to AIIB’s own business conduct, noting that all prospective founding members of the bank have ratified several binding international human rights treaties.

The experts stressed that the AIIB should aspire to become a bank of the XXI century governed by environmental, social and human rights policies reflecting current international standards.

The initiative was coordinated by the Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, who had met the President designate of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Mr. Jin Liqun, earlier this year in Beijing. The submission forms part of  efforts by UN human rights experts to strengthen safeguard policies across multi-lateral and national development banks.

There are wide-spread concerns about the harm caused by large infrastructure projects funded by multi-lateral development banks. Such projects have frequently resulted in forced evictions, lack of effective remedies and compensation for affected individuals, or the destruction of the livelihood of indigenous communities.

Read the letter to the President-designate of the AIIB and the detailed comments  by the experts on the draft environmental and social framework.

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4 November 2015

NGO Forum on ADB comprehensive critique on AIIB's Draft Environmental and Social Framework (ESF)

Author: NGO Forum on ADB

"Gaps in AIIB’s ESF Further Highlighted in Forum’s Updated Submission", 5 Nov 2015

In its comprehensive critique of the draft Environmental and Social Framework, NGO Forum on ADB asked the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to clearly stipulate and strengthen safeguards requirements that bind both the Bank and its Client to implement and adhere to the ESF. Forum said the draft policy falls short of a commitment to “do no harm” and lacks mandatory accountability mechanisms.

Forum cited weaknesses in policy language, particularly on the Environmental and Social Standards for Environment and Social Assessment (ESS 1), Involuntary Resettlement (ESS 2) and Indigenous Peoples (ESS 3); free prior informed consent (FPIC), grievance mechanism; exclusion list; role of the Client; and the phased approach.

The civil society coalition also reminded AIIB of its request to personally meet with country representatives at the Chief Negotiators Meetings (CNM) to comprehensively discuss the draft ESF.

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23 October 2015

Amnesty International’s submission to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank environmental and social framework consultation, October 2015

Author: Amnesty International

Amnesty International lays out concerns with the current draft of the Environmental and Social Framework, in particular related to: a number of loopholes and disclaimers in the policies; confusing or contradictory language; together with some significant gaps in the draft that, if not addressed, are likely to undermine the overall strength of the document. The result of these weaknesses is that there is a significant risk that the AIIB may fund projects that are likely to result in negative human rights impacts.

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22 October 2015

Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP) comments on draft of AIIB framework

Author: Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact (AIPP)

…The recommendations include… to extend consultation period to at least two rounds of consultation; to conduct face to face consultations at all levels; to use regional languages (not only English); to accord special attention to the inclusion of vulnerable groups; to provide adequate information about the process well in advance through various media and not only through the AIIB website; and to ensure transparency, gender-sensitivity and cultural appropriateness in the process…

Indigenous Peoples is the result largely of the continuing violation of their collective rights to their lands, territories and resources in the name of national development, lack of access to basic social services including livelihood opportunities; and social, economic and political discrimination. The AIIB’s aims to fund infrastructure   development and other projects to support regional and national development targets will have serious implications on the lives and well-being of millions of Indigenous Peoples in the region. It is thus critical for the AIIB to provide a more meaningful and participatory consultation process with Indigenous Peoples’ representatives in the region to ensure that its ESS 3 on Indigenous Peoples is responsive to the conditions and circumstances of Indigenous Peoples in the region and is fully aligned with respect to their rights as affirmed by international human rights instruments.

Hence, we strongly recommend that key officials of the AIIB conduct a regional face-to-face meeting with duly selected Indigenous Peoples’ representatives. This regional consultation should provide for interpretation/translation services to ensure meaningful participation of community representatives as well as sufficient time for discussions and exchange of views. Information on the consultation as well as other necessary information and documents should be shared in advance (at least two weeks) prior to the consultation. AIPP extends its cooperation in planning for this regional consultation…

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Author: 亚洲原住民联盟(AIPP)




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Author: 亞洲原住民聯盟(AIPP)




5 October 2015

Consultations on Draft Environmental and Social Framework of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) extended to 23 October

Author: Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Consultations on Draft Environmental and Social Framework

EXTENDED TO OCTOBER 23, 2015 [Originally 5 October]

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is a multilateral development bank that will focus on the development of infrastructure and interconnectivity in Asia. It will be based in Beijing and complement and cooperate with the existing multilateral development banks (MDBs).

The 57 countries that are the Prospective Founding Members of the AIIB are developing its core philosophy, principles, policies, value system and operating platform. The Bank's foundation is built on the lessons of experience of existing MDBs and the private sector, and it will put in place strong policies on governance, accountability, financial, procurement and environmental and social frameworks. In this context, the Multilateral Interim Secretariat for Establishing the AIIB (Secretariat) has developed a Draft Environmental and Social Framework…

The input from the consultations and written submissions will inform the preparation of the final draft of AIIB's Environmental and Social Framework, which will be submitted to the AIIB's Board of Directors for approval before the AIIB begins financing any operations…The finalized Framework, and a summary of the consultations, will be posted on the AIIB website for public access…

If you are interested in participating, please write to [email protected] and instructions will be sent to you…

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