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[audio] Interview of lawyer representing plaintiffs in lawsuit against Nevsun over alleged forced labour at Eritrean mine

Author: Dr Russom Mesfun, Asmarino Independent (Eritrea) , Published on: 28 November 2014

“Eritrea: Dr Russom Mesfun Exclusive Interview: James Yap, an attorney representing three Eritreans who are suing Nevsun”, 24 Nov 2014

[An interview with James Yap, the lawyer representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Nevsun Resources regarding the alleged use of forced labour at Nevsun’s Bisha mine in Eritrea. Nevsun, a Canadian mining company, hired Segen Construction, a company that is purportedly linked to Eritrean’s ruling party, to carry out construction work at the gold mine. Segen allegedly used forced labour at the site, including poor pay, long working hours and limited food supplies. The claim aims to provide redress to the victims, who are not able to pursue the Eritrean government because of the state immunity doctrine. Yap added: “There’s certainly some hope…that this is going to…effect some kind of change, whether it involves Nevsun correcting its practices or maybe the regime…correcting its practices and saying we’re not going to use forced labour.” Nevsun has not responded to enquiries about the case, but has issued a statement denying the claims.]

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