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29 April 2017

Aureus Mining response

Author: Avesoro Resources [formerly Aureus Mining] (United Kingdom)

"Avesoro Resources [formerly Aureus Mining] has strong community relations and places significant emphasis on supporting, empowering and collaborating with our host communities...Avesoro has constructed a local school, church and mosque, and the...

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29 April 2017

Liberia: Community divided over whether Avesoro Resources has met obligations, including to house displaced families - company responds

Some aggrieved community members of Grand Cape Mount County in western Liberia have reportedly threatened to take Avesoro Resources, formerly Aureus Mining, to court for allegedly reneging on promises contained in its concession agreement. One...

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19 August 2015

Liberia: Community accuses mining company of "lying", causing deteriorating social conditions; Aureus denies claims

Author: Henry Karmo, Front Page Africa (Liberia)

'They lied to us: Kinjol accuses mining firm of failing terms', 19 Aug 2015: The people of Kinjol and…surrounding…mining [towns]…accuse…[Aureus] of not living up to the[ir] agreement… Memam Selma-Vah, a mother of three…said the company promised to...

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18 March 2014

Mining firm builds houses to relocate residents

Author: New Dawn (Liberia)

...Aureus, a gold mining company in Grand Cape Mount County, is constructing more than 200 housing units to relocate community dwellers in areas of its operation...[said] the company’s Health and Safety Manager, Erickson T. Brown...Mr. Brown also...

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7 December 2013

Regional governments look for better deals with foreign mining firms [West Africa]

Author: The Economist

Gold has long been west Africa’s dominant mineral, but iron ore is exciting more interest, says Rolake Akinola of Ecobank...The region is undeveloped and mining firms are busy exploring and discovering potential sites even as they develop new mines, he...

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