Australia: 27% of employees aged over 50 face age discrimination in workplace, says report

Author: Fiona Smith, Guardian (UK), Published on: 2 December 2016

"Employing more older workers could deliver $78bn in economic gains", 30 Nov 2016..

...It takes an average of 116 weeks for over 55s to re-enter the workforce and there are more people over 50 on work-for-the-dole schemes (despite the fact it is not a requirement for them) than there are unemployed people under 22.  While employers are making efforts to become more inclusive in their hiring practises, outside of the large financial institutions, mature-age workers still lack the kind of champions that benefit women in the workforce...Around 27% of people over the age of 50 report experiencing age discrimination at work, according to the Australian Human Rights Commission’s Willing to Work inquiry report...Bias against older workers has a wide-ranging economic impact.  PwC’s Golden Age Index reports that harnessing the power of that workforce could deliver Australia economic gains of up to $ also makes sense from a business point of view to have workplaces mirror the demographic of the populations they serve, especially since baby boomers (aged 52 to 70) have plenty of money to spend....[Refers to Uber, Westpac]

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