Australia: 30 fashion companies, including Rip Curl & Laura Ashley, in court over alleged exploitation of clothing outworkers

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25 September 2002

Clothing firms in court over workers' rights [Australia]

Author: AAP, in Sydney Morning Herald

Thirty leading fashion companies, including Rip Curl and Laura Ashley, have been taken to court as part of a crackdown on the alleged exploitation of clothing outworkers.

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24 September 2002

Sweatshop labour [Australia]

Author: Kerry O'Brien, The 7:30 Report, ABC

The long-running trade union campaign to highlight claims of widespread sweatshop labour at home hit the news again today with 30 clothing manufacturers finding themselves in the Federal Court facing allegations of breached awards...a new independent study suggests a wider world of worker intimidation, rates of pay as low as a dollar an hour and even child labour.

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