Australia: Activist calls on Jetstar to go beyond law after alleged disability discrimination case

Author: Roberto Castiglioni, Reduced Mobility Rights (UK), Published on: 14 November 2014

"Jetstar disability discrimination case exposes Australia ugly side", 13 Nov 2014

A case of disability discrimination involving a 26-year-old woman with cerebral palsy left unattended by a Jetstar crew exposes a much bigger issue…Upon landing, the two siblings disembarked the Jetstar plane certain to find Danae’s sister wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs. Instead, Danae had to carry her sister on her back into the Terminal building where she had to retrieve and reassemble her wheelchair…“These reports are concerning and do not reflect the normal flight experience of our disabled passengers, many of whom fly with Jetstar often”, a spokesperson for…[Jetstar] said. “We apologise to the family for the distress involved and we’re investigating how this occurred.” But, Jetstar conditions of carriage for passengers with reduced mobility do not guarantee a passenger like Danae would receive any extra help…Nothing prevents Jetstar to go above and beyond the law, or at least show basic human decency. But Australian law simply mandates airlines and airports should give “detailed information on their approach to meeting the needs of travellers with disabilities.”…

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