Australia: Canstruct to contract with govt. to provide services to offshore detention centre on Nauru

Canstruct, an Australian civil engineering company, will reportedly contract with the Australian government to provide services at offshore detention facilities in Nauru. Media reports highlight the concerns raised by human rights groups that Canstruct may be linked to human rights abuses through its involvement with the offshore detention system. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited the company to respond - it did not. A media report about this development, to which Canstruct was also invited to respond, is linked below. 

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19 February 2019

Australia: Paladin controversy prompts renewed scrutiny of [AUD]$591m Nauru deal

Author: Christopher Knaus and Helen Davidson, the Guardian

Controversy surrounding the awarding of a $423m Manus Island contract to the security contractor Paladin has prompted new scrutiny of a second major $591m deal to run the Nauru detention centre.

...Canstruct International...reportedly had limited experience running garrison and welfare services when it bid for a lucrative government contract to run the Nauru detention centre in 2017. Its previous work was almost all civil construction and infrastructure projects, though it had worked on projects on Nauru, including to rebuild the detention centre following riots in 2013...

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Company non-response
27 November 2017

Canstruct did not respond

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Canstruct to respond to the media reports regarding Nauru; however, the company did not respond.

27 November 2017

Engineering firm slammed for taking 'toxic' Nauru contract

Author: Stefan Armbruster, SBS

19 October 2017

Human rights groups have accused an engineering firm with no experience in refugee services of profiting from the abuse of asylum seekers...

[also refers to Ferrovial and Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield Services)]

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22 October 2017

Australian firm Canstruct takes up toxic contract profiting from the abuse of refugees

Author: Amnesty Intl.

18 October 2017

The civil engineering company Canstruct...has taken on a...contract to run facilities on Nauru where the Australian government has trapped refugees in a system that amounts to torture, Amnesty International said...

Canstruct, an Australian family-run company, has signed a contract to run refugee processing centres on the island, where hundreds of people have been forcibly transferred after trying to seek asylum in Australia. Australian officials have admitted this system is intentionally harsh...

Canstruct is a family run, Brisbane based civil engineering company with no past history of providing the kind of refugee support services it has now agreed to provide on Nauru...

[also refers to Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield) and Ferrovial]

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