Australia: Marriage equality 'Yes' vote wins; corporate supporters vocal, despite criticism

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17 November 2017

Silence is dangerous: bitter political environment forces businesses to take stand on social issues

Author: Jacqueline Maley, Sydney Morning Herald

...the companies who campaigned for the "yes" vote were labelled "corporate fascists"...Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce...the first to put on his jackboots.

He proudly used the Qantas brand to campaign for same-sex marriage, and was subjected to much criticism for it...Joyce, and other chief executives, clearly believe there is a place for corporations to contribute to values-based public debates...there was a business case for companies speaking out on social issues...increasing numbers of shareholders looked at "environmental, social and governance issues" as a reason to invest in companies...

Corporations need to fashion themselves as authentic and socially conscious or consumers and shareholders won't back them...

[also refers to Adani, Westpac, Commonwealth Bank and Medibank]

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16 November 2017

'About more than making money': The corporate crusaders for same-sex marriage

Author: Elizabeth Knight, the Age

...Large corporations...have demonstrated they are capable of being a force for good...emerged as the moral crusaders successfully pushing for the 'yes' vote on same-sex marriage.

The push from corporates did carry some comments on news websites following the announcement of the success of the 'yes' vote...vows from individuals that they would never fly Qantas again...

Companies who stuck their necks out supporting the 'yes' vote had to contend with being brow-beaten...told them to get on with fixing their businesses and keep their noses out of wider social issues....

[also refers to Virgin, Woolworths, Telstra, Westpac, AGL, Commonwealth Bank, Wesfarmers, Myer, David Jones, JB Hi-Fi, H&M and General Pants]

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