Australia: Qantas urged to review involuntary transportation process; co. said it's not for airlines to adjudicate deportations

Author: Nick O'Malley, The Sydney Morning Herald, Published on: 11 September 2019

"The 8000 'forced movements' on Australian flights in two years", 7 September 2019

The Department of Home Affairs used Australian airlines and charter companies for more than 8000 involuntary movements of people in the immigration detention system, including transfers and deportations, over two years between July 2017 and May 2019.

...Australasian Centre for Corporate Responsibility['s]...campaign comes as controversy grows about the plight of a Tamil family which is facing deportation....

...ACCR...will put forward a resolution at the Qantas annual general meeting in October that would see Qantas review its "involuntary transportation" process, taking UN human rights guidelines into consideration.

...A spokesman for Qantas said: "These are very complex and emotive matters but it's not for airlines to adjudicate on who should and shouldn't get to stay in Australia after the government and courts have made their decisions."

The ACCR's director of human rights, Dhakshayini Sooriyakumaran...:

"Qantas shareholders have no information about their company's involvement in these 8000 movements which are part of a system that has been roundly criticised by domestic and international human rights bodies."

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