Bahrain: Agricultural migrant workers face multiple labour abuses, lack 'awareness of their rights'

Author: Hana Buhijji, Migrant-rights, Published on: 16 October 2019

"The forgotten farmers of Bahrain," 24 Sep 2019

Migrant workers make up about 80% of the 9,120 workers employed in Bahrain’s agricultural sector. The workers seem either unaware that their rights are being violated, or feel it’s the norm...

For these workers, protesting their working conditions would mean deportation and losing what little livelihood they currently earn. The agents and employers exploit this vulnerability with confidence, knowing they will never be held accountable....

The farm owners do not abide by many provisions of the labour law, including paid annual leave and rest periods. While some employers do provide paid annual leave, others only cover travel costs but do not pay wages.

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