Bahrain: Calls to stop Bahrain F1 “blood race”

Author: Voice of Bahrain, Published on: 9 February 2015

"Saudi monarch death ends his bleak reign; calls to stop Bahrain F1 “blood race”, 28 Jan 2015

Calls have been made by Bahraini people to stop the F1 motor racing scheduled to take place in Bahrain next April. Over the past three years this race has led to the killing, imprisonment and torture of many Bahrainis. On 29th April 2012 photo-journalist Ahmad Ismail was killed by regime forces for his anti-F1 activism. On 20th April 2013 two women activists; Nafisa Al Asfoor and Raihana Al Mousawi were arrested for attempting to protest at the F1 race course. They were severely tortured and jailed until now...

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