Bahrain: Report finds migrant workers continue to bear cost of salary non-payments, despite protections

Author: Migrant-rights, Published on: 16 October 2019

"Non-payment of wages: An issue on the rise for low-income migrant workers in Bahrain," 13 Oct 2019

This report reviews the issue of non-payment of wages that migrant workers in Bahrain increasingly face, and assesses the Bahraini government’s response...

The economic downturn, caused mainly by low oil prices, hit Bahrain’s construction sector hard and exacerbated the already rampant practice of non-payment of wages. Costs and losses are passed on to the most vulnerable – the migrant workers at the end of the supply chain...

Over the past several months, workers from different sectors have staged protests across Bahrain over unpaid-wages and poor working conditions, though only a few of them have received media attention.

[We were unable to find contact information for Ramses Trading Co., one of the named companies, to invite them to respond to the article.]

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