Bahrain: Two cases before the Labour Ministry hear how workers did not report wage delays "out of fear" inc. co. response

In January 2020, GDN reported on two cases of workers experiencing wage delays.

In [the first] case, 600 migrant workers at an unnamed Bahraini construction company alleged they had not been paid for four months. At the time of reporting they had been striking for four days. The workers on projects for this company had been employed on a number of Bahrain Petroleum Co. (BAPCO) projects.

In the second case 15 men working for an unnamed civil engineering and construction company alleged they had not been paid for eight months.

Workers in both cases stated they had not approached labour authorities "out of fear".

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre contacted BAPCO to invite them to respond to the allegations of labour abuse, as a major client for the contractor. BAPCO did not respond.

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Company response
27 January 2020

Bapco responds to allegations of labour abuse against contractors on its projects

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15 January 2020

Two more cases of wage disputes being probed

Author: Raji Unnikrishnan, GDN Online (Bahrain)

Two more cases of non-payment of wages at companies in Bahrain are being investigated...

at least 600 expatriate employees at a construction company downed their tools last week, claiming they had not been paid for four months...

15 men working for a civil engineering and construction company’s portable buildings unit claimed they had not been paid for the past eight months.

In both the cases the employees said they had not officially registered complaints with labour officials “out of fear”...

The men [in the first case] have been engaged in major ongoing projects including Bapco refinery, Bapco Club, Awali Hospital staff quarters, military projects in Safra and Coastguard projects in Muharraq.

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