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Responder: 2016 Gulf Construction Survey

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Survey non-response
26 June 2019

BAM International's non-response: Migrant Workers in UAE (2018 survey)

We invited BAM International to respond to our 2018 survey on the welfare of their migrant workers on projects in UAE; BAM International did not respond. The results of the survey were published in our briefing On Shaky Ground: Migrant Workers Rights...

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26 June 2017

Business human rights responsibility for refugees & migrant workers: Turning policies into practice in the Middle East

Author: Samentha Goethals, Joseph Bardwell, Mariam Bhacker, & Bahaa Ezzelarab, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre in Business & Human Rights Journal

...Our focus in this piece is to consider how companies have been implementing their human rights responsibility to address the risks and challenges faced by refugees and migrant workers in the Middle East, a region that is currently experiencing...

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Survey response
6 December 2016

Bam International responded to 2016 construction survey on migrant worker rights in UAE

We invited Bam International to respond to a set of questions on its policies and procedures for the welfare and working conditions of migrant construction workers in the UAE. Bam International responded....

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