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30 August 2007

Toymakers angered by claims of labor abuse [China]

Author: Chen Hong, Li Wenfang, China Daily

Toy manufacturers have dismissed recent criticism of "brutal working conditions" leveled by a US-based workers' rights group.

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21 August 2007

Group finds China toy factory conditions "brutal"

Author: Reuters

China Labor Watch said in a report issued on Tuesday...that [8 Chinese toy] manufacturers -- which served a handful of global players, including Disney, Bandai and Hasbro -- paid "little heed to the most basic standards of the country". "Wages are low...

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1 August 2007

China Labor Watch finds "brutal" conditions in factories making toys for Bandai, Disney, Hasbro - Disney responds

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1 August 2007

[PDF] full report: "Investigations on Toy Suppliers In China; Workers are still suffering"

Author: China Labor Watch

Beginning at the end of 2006, China Labor Watch (CLW) has conducted research on eight toy factories in China: Duoyuan Plastic Production...Pearl Tower Garments & Toys...AOYAGI (Qingliu) Toy Factory...Yu Bao...Xin Wei...Zheng Run...Three Stars.....

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15 December 2004
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Author: Véronique Smée, Novethic

L'UFC-Que choisir a...«audité» les usines chinoises de ces entreprises et mené des entretiens avec des employés, en s’appuyant sur les normes édictées par l’Organisation Internationale du Travail...[fait référence à Hasbro, Mattel, Bandai, Walt Disney,...

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