Bangladesh: Amendments to the 2006 Labour Law required to eliminate bonded labour, dialogue on rights of tea workers concludes

Author: Staff Correspondent, New Age Bangladesh, Published on: 19 December 2019

"Labour law reinforces bonded labour among tea workers: dialogue", 20 December 2019

Minority leaders and human rights campaigners...demanded amendments to the existing labour law as it reinforces bonded labour among tea workers.

The Labour Act, 2006 contained provisions barring the workers from speaking against the past injustice, they said at a national dialogue on rights of tea workers and indigenous people...

Tea workers have been living in tea gardens for generations since they were brought there over a century and half ago and the gardens were their only homes, said the speakers...

...In 2009, the government set the minimum wage of tea workers to Tk 48. The wage was increased twice and in 2016, it became Tk 102.

The government formed a wage board in October to reset the minimum wage for tea workers within six months..

...He said that the garment workers’ minimum wage was Tk 8,000 which was Tk 2769 more than that of the tea workers.

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