Bangladesh garment industry employs gamification to offset impacts of automation on female workers

Author: Brooke Roberts-Islam, Forbes, Published on: 13 May 2019

"Bangladesh Garment Industry Employs Gamification To Offset Automation", 9 May 2019

Garment manufacturers have partnered with a number of startups to run pilots, seeking to find solutions to... data (quality, collection, and ownership), training and education, gender imbalance, and adoption and integration of new technologies... Shimmy Technologies... gamifies learning to teach garment workers the basics of computer-aided design... Their recent white paper stated that “In 2018, McKinsey Apparel, Fashion & Luxury Group surveyed US apparel executives and international procurement officers and projected that simple garment production will be fully automated by 2025, resulting in an 80 percent reduction in the labor force. If that estimate holds true, it leaves us with less than six years to transition approximately 65 million workers to new ways of making a living - many of whom have no marketable skills and limited digital literacy.”... The future of female garment workers, in particular, is at risk due to automation. Women historically made up 80% of the RMG workforce in Bangladesh, but automation has seen this figure reduced to 53%, according to a CPD study.

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