Bangladesh mine activists dump coal outside GCM meeting in London

Author: Simon Neville, Guardian [UK], Published on: 19 December 2012

Activists dumped coal outside the annual meeting of mining firm GCM Resources in London on Thursday in protest at the company's plans for a controversial mine in Bangladesh...The firm...wants to run an open pit coal mine in the Phulbari township in the north of the country, despite claims that up to 130,000 people could be displaced and warnings by the UN that human rights could be violated...An official complaint to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has been made [mentioning] a UN report from earlier this year warning that "access to safe drinking water for some 220,000 people is at stake"...The company claims the mine will displace 40,000 people but create 17,000 jobs...GCM said development of the mine was essential for meeting Bangladesh's energy needs...

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