Bangladesh: New data portal connects lives of garment workers with major fashion brands

Author: Fashion Revolution, Published on: 14 August 2019

"What’s Happening with the Garment Worker Diaries?"

In 2016, Fashion Revolution embarked on a project with the NGO Microfinance Opportunities to undertake...research on the lives and working conditions of garment workers...Researchers gathered data from 180 women...on a weekly basis for a year. The result was a dataset that paints a picture of wages, working hours…and much more... 

...Since January 2019, Microfinance Opportunities has been collecting data from…garment workers in four regions of Bangladesh...the project has released data linking the findings of the Garment Worker Diaries to Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index, along with the Open Apparel Registry On GWD data portal, garment worker information, such as wages, working hours, age…can be filtered by brand.

...Guy Stuart, head of Microfinance Opportunities, notes…“it was not easy to match the information on the supplier lists provided by the brands to the public lists of factories...The supplier lists were rife with inconsistent and incomplete names and addresses of factories, making it difficult for us to be sure that the factory where a worker is employed is the same one as the factory identified on a brand’s supplier list. Nevertheless, we were able to identify 575 workers who worked in 174 factories supplying 60 brands.”...

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