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Bangladesh: Tazreen factory fire - four years on, justice yet to be achieved, Clean Clothes Campaign reports

Author: Clean Clothes Campaign, Published on: 23 November 2016

Four years since the Tazreen factory fire: justice only half done, 24 Nov 2016

Four years since the Tazreen factory fire: justice only half done

Today four years ago, a fire broke out in the Tazreen Fashions garment factory in Bangladesh...113 workers died, many more were injured. They were stitching clothes for Walmart, El Corte Ingles, KiK, C&A and many more western brands...Four years on, we have come a long way. An agreement was reached with C&A to establish a fund which would provide for loss of income payments and long term medical treatment for the survivors and the families of the killed workers…using the methodology developed for the Rana Plaza scheme…Several of the major brands sourcing from the factory paid contributions to the fund…Others continue to refuse to take responsibility... there also is still a long way to go before the struggle for justice for Tazreen workers is won...This case follows a long pattern of failure by the Bangladesh government to take action against garment factory owners....


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