Bangladesh: US retailers call on government to halt suspension of factory safety monitoring initiative

Author: Leonie Barrie, just-style, Published on: 11 November 2019

"Bangladesh urged to support newest factory safety initiative", 8 November 2019

A group representing US apparel retailers and importers has expressed its concern at reports coming from Bangladesh of calls to suspend the new Nirapon factory safety monitoring initiative.

And it warns that growth of the Bangladesh ready-made garment threatened by efforts to hinder the work of Nirapon...

...[this] is in response to reports that the Bangladeshi High Court has ordered Nirapon to halt operations for the next six months following complaints from factory owners.

They are said to believe there is no need for another organisation in addition to the existing RMG Sustainability Council, the factory safety body run by the Bangladeshi garment industry...which is set to take over all Accord Bangladesh operations...

....Nirapon is a voluntary organisaiton set up as the successor to the Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety.

Backed by 23 brands...its goal is to promote a culture of safety in its 600 plus apparel factories through self-regulating model of safety monitoring...

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