Bangladeshi female domestic workers to the Gulf abused by unscrupulous recruitment agents

Author: Nayema Nusrat, Inter Press Service, Published on: 2 December 2019

"Bangladeshi migrant female domestic workers face violence," 28 Nov 2019

[An] extremely common form of violence is inflicted by not getting their due salaries...

The local broker agency [of recruiter Arab World Distribution] in Saudi Arabia denied [one migrant worker] any assistance... her owner turned crueler towards her since she expressed the urge to return home.

The recruiting agency in Dhaka demanded an additional 100,000 taka (USD 1178.11)... to break the two years initial contract...

Women... are often duped by “Dalals” [chains of sub-recruiters in destination countries]... [they] receive false promises of salaries... [and] rarely get written job contracts although it’s a legal requirement.

These recruiters typically charge them a large amount of recruitment fee for arranging to work abroad.

[We attempted to invite the named Arab World Distribution to respond, but were unable to find contact information.]

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