Bangladeshi ship breakers defy court ruling

Author: Naimul Haq, Al Jazeera, Published on: 17 June 2011

The ship breaking companies of Bangladesh continue to import highly toxic foreign vessels, despite a two-year-old ban, and are also defying a court order to ensure workers' safety and implement environmentally sound practices, a group of lawyers says…"We still have evidence of unsafe and unprotected handling and dismantling of ships… said…Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association...[T]he high level committee never functioned, and there have been allegations it was influenced by the Bangladesh Ship Breakers Association (BSBA), which controls half of Bangladesh's steel market. BSBA…denied allegations that ships were being imported without proper clearance…Even though…BSBA…said the companies comply with all the rules…26 workers have died while at work since the court order…

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