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28 August 2019

33 B Corp CEOs call for Business Roundtable leaders to put words into action by adopting benefit corporation governance structures

Author: B the Change

As the co-founders of the B Corp movement wrote for Fast Company in response to the announcement, “It’s a significant sign of our shifting culture that the country’s largest corporations and the organization representing their interests are revising...

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28 August 2019

B Corporation invites Business Rountable companies to work together to make real change happen

Author: Michael Grothaus, FastCompany

"Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, and 30 other companies tell the Business Roundtable CEOs to put up or shut up," 26 Aug 2019...

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25 June 2019
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Author: 20 minutes (France)

"Etats-Unis: Des patrons défendent le droit à l'avortement au nom de leurs «affaires»", 11 juin 2019...

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13 January 2019

USA: 2018 report on state of human rights details violations of labour rights, access to water & free, prior & informed consent

Author: US Human Rights Network

In the United States this year...we have seen undeniable, egregious, and unapologetic violations of human rights... Illegal and immoral attempts to encroach on American Indian lands, territories, and the resources of Indigenous Peoples have always been...

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2 November 2018

Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling the Trump administration not to weaken transgender rights

Author: Tony Romm, The Washington Post

"Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling Trump not to weaken transgender rights", 1 November 2018...

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29 August 2018

New guidance for companies encourages action to support civic freedoms & human rights defenders & explores opportunities for engagement

Author: Bennett Freeman with Sif Thorgeirsson, Adele Barzelay & Brooks Reed

"Shared space under pressure: Business support for civic freedoms and human rights defenders," 29 August 2018 ...

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15 May 2018

Ben & Jerry's & launch campaign to freeze fossil fuel investments in Australia

Author: Hannah Fernandez, Eco-Business

American ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s has partnered with climate activism group Australia to launch a campaign to freeze fossil fuels investments, by encouraging Australians to lobby their local governing bodies to ensure that none of its...

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20 November 2017

Worker advocacy groups launch initiative to improve conditions in corporate supply chains through worker-led codes of conduct

Author: Steven Greenhouse, The Guardian

"'Some kids are not orphans because of this': how unions are keeping workers safe", 8 November 2017...

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4 October 2017

USA: Ben & Jerry’s and Migrant Justice reach agreement to improve migrant dairy workers’ conditions


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2 October 2017
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Author: ComunicaRSE

“El problema del glifosato en los helados es un problema de toda la industria de alimentos” – 27 de septiembre de 2017...

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