[22/05/2015] Benilda Santos

Gender: Female

Location of the incident: Philippines

Counting Unit: Individual

Affiliation on the individual / type of group: Community leader or member

Specific attack on the HRD(s) / Rights of the HRD(s) affected by the incident:

  • Killings

Date of the incident: Fri 22 May 2015

Date accuracy: All correct

Summary of the incident: Killing of community leader who opposed displacement of communities for a commercial project by Zest-O Corporation. Local police allegedly involved.

Related Company/Companies:

Name: Zest-O Corporation

Company sector: Food & beverage

Headquarters: Headquarters in Kenya

Alleged degree of company involvement: Indirect

Other actors allegedly involved:

Alleged actor: Local & state authorities

Alleged actor: Police

Issues the HRD is/was working on:

  • Land rights

Sources of information:

Source of the incident: http://bulatlat.com/main/2015/06/08/group-decries-killings-harassment-in-demolition-sites/

Original language of the article: EN

Credit: Global Witness

2nd source of information: http://www.anakpawis.net/2015/05/extra-judicial-killing-in-qc-demolition-in-caloocan-anakpawis-condemns-violence-against-urban-poor/