Big pharma problem for HIV/AIDS [Uganda]

Author: Henry Zakumumpa, in The Independent (Uganda), Published on: 14 June 2013

The lives of thousands of Ugandans enrolled on HIV treatment hang in the balance after an application by poor countries to extend the deadline for manufacture of generic AIDS drugs was rejected by the World Trade Organization (WTO)...Over 90% of HIV drugs in Uganda are generic drugs manufactured mostly in India, according to Denis Kibira, a pharmacist and Medicines Advisor at HEPS-Uganda...“The ability to access cheap medicines on the market will be curtailed and the fight against HIV/AIDS in Uganda may be lost if expansive trade laws are adopted without improving the incomes of Ugandans,” says Joshua Wamboga from TASO...About a quarter of the Ugandan population lives under the poverty line...and...cannot afford to buy brand drugs manufactured by western pharmaceutical companies to treat AIDS, malaria, and Tuberculosis...With over 90% of Ugandans dependent on Indian generic drugs, outlawing these drugs would jeopardise millions of lives. [refers to Quality Chemicals]

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