Bittersweet Chocolate

Author: Caroline Tiger,, Published on: 14 February 2003

The most recent survey of conditions on West African cocoa farms...estimated that nearly 300,000 children work in dangerous conditions on cocoa farms in the four countries surveyed -- Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon...Despite committing themselves 16 months ago to a highly publicized four-year plan to abolish child slaves and laborers from the cocoa farms with whom they do business, the chocolate industry...has managed to continue making and selling products without demonstrating any discernible progress in solving the child labor problem. [refers to Hershey's, M&M/Mars, Nestlé, Archer Daniels Midland, Cadbury, Guittard, Bernard Callebaut, Archer Daniels Midland, Cargill; Fair Trade licensees: Dean's Beans, Ithaca Fine Chocolates, Day Chocolate, Cocoa Camino; companies choosing not to buy from West Africa: Scharffen Berger Chocolate; companies selling "slave free" organic chocolate: Newman's Own Organics, Dagoba]

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