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25 October 2011

Is the Perfect Factory Possible? [Dominican Rep]

Author: Peter Dreier, Nation [USA]

USAS [United Students Against Sweatshops], as well as the Worker Rights Consortium (WRC)…have embraced Alta Gracia as a model that proves socially responsible clothing production is not only possible; it’s profitable…Alta Gracia is an unusual...

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5 January 2011

How One Tiny Factory Is Challenging the Sweatshop Norm

Author: Sarah Seltzer,

...a revolutionary new factory [Alta Gracia] in the Domincan Republic, started by one of the most conscience-minded college apparel suppliers, Knights Apparel, [is] a model and a test case of what can happen when wages are "living" and union organizing...

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3 December 2004

SOLE: 'U' must stop sweatshop contracts [USA]

Author: Keara Caldarola, Michigan Daily

SOLE [Students Organizing for Labor and Economic Equality] demonstrated on the Diag yesterday to accuse the University of not adhering to the Code of Conduct for University of Michigan Licensees...Julie Peterson, the University spokeswoman [said] the...

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4 February 2004

The Maturing Movement Against Sweatshops

Author: Mischa Gaus, In These Times

Student anti-sweatshop activism has come of age...The signing of a collective bargaining agreement last March at the BJ&B hat factory in a Dominican Republic free-trade zone was particularly sweet for student campaigners...A developing campaign...

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4 April 2003

Latin Sweatshops Pressed by U.S. Campus Power [Dominican Republic]

Author: David Gonzalez, New York Times

The pact [a union-negotiated labour contract at BJ&B hat factory], signed last week, was the latest victory for a once unlikely coalition of United States college students, labor activists and world-class brands like Nike and Reebok working to...

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