Blackwater fallout: Senate moves to rein in military contractors [USA]

Author: GordonLubold, Christian Science Monitor [USA], Published on: 24 February 2010

After several incidents of misbehavior in Afghanistan involving the military contractor Blackwater and its employees, US lawmakers are moving to provide greater oversight of an industry that, while key to American military success, may also be undermining the mission there…[C]oncern is mounting that civilian contractors operate under a different set of rules – or simply don't follow the rules…Other lawmakers this week introduced legislation to prevent the American military from “outsourcing” security missions to contractors…But the Senate hearing Wednesday will focus on incidents involving Blackwater, now known as Xe Services, and a sister firm, Paravant...In May of last year, two men working for Paravant killed two Afghans and injured a third in a shooting incident...

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