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4 October 2012

[PDF] From armed privates to private armies: Regulating Private Military and Security Companies

Author: Allerhand Institute, Embassy of Switzerland, ICLHR Initiative

One of the first responses to calls for regulation came from the Swiss Government in the form of the Montreux Document and the 2010 voluntary International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC). Are those documents an adequate answer to...

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12 September 2012
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Author: Alejandro Teitelbaum, Coordinadora Andina de Organizaciones Indígenas (CAOI)

…[Hace] casi 40 años y en vista de las conductas contrarias a los derechos humanos de muchas empresas transnacionales y de la insuficiencia del marco jurídico nacional…se intentó…[uno] internacional para contenerlas…En el Informe de la Secretaría...

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13 August 2012

[PDF] Second Session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group to consider the possibility of an international regulatory framework on the regulation, monitoring and oversight of the activities of private military and security companies -...

Author: International Commission of Jurists

[National] and international regulatory substantial normative and supervisory gaps and insufficiencies in the legal framework in order to create minimal conditions for improved respect of human rights and humanitarian law in the...

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25 July 2012

DOJ Builds Criminal Case Against Blackwater Security Guards

Author: Mike Scarcella, BLT: The Blog of Legal Times [USA]

Prosecutors in Washington are building a new criminal case against a group of former Blackwater private security guards whom the government believes wrongly killed more than dozen Iraqi civilians in a Baghdad shootout in 2007...Assistant U.S. attorney....

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19 June 2012

[PDF] Annual Briefing - Corporate Legal Accountability

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

This briefing provides an overview of corporate legal accountability for human rights, summarising trends and developments in this field. The goal is to help a wide audience understand what is happening in different parts of the world. This briefing...

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4 June 2012

Supreme Court rejects Blackwater Iraq shooting appeal

Author: James Vicini, Reuters

The Supreme Court…rejected an appeal by four Blackwater Worldwide security guards who argued prosecutors made improper use of their statements to investigators in charging them with killing 14 Iraqi civilians in 2007. The justices refused to review a...

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26 March 2012

Iraq bans security firms on oil fields

Author: UPI

With U.S. forces gone from Iraq, Baghdad has banned foreign security contractors, long abhorred by Iraqis, from the 12 major oil fields being developed by international companies, mainly in the south. But the government may find that hard to enforce.....

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28 February 2012

Private military & security contractors: a culture of impunity

Author: War on Want

War on Want...launched its campaign for tougher legal regulation of Private Military & Security Companies, criticising current attempts at regulation for showing 'no real determination to deter or punish human rights violations'...While the UK...

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26 February 2012

Regulation, Expansion of French Private Security Firms Urged [France]

Author: Pierre Tran, Defense News

A bipartisan French parliamentary report is calling for recognition and regulation of private military companies, hoping to reverse the strong climate of rejection regarding security contractors. The report...points up the growth of business in private...

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21 February 2012

Chinese private security companies are seeing an opportunity as the U.S. withdraws troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. But plenty of complications await them.

Author: Andrew Erickson, Gabe Collins, The Diplomat [Japan]

A security vacuum is developing around Chinese workers overseas...with at least 847,000 Chinese citizen workers and 16,000 companies scattered around the globe, some of them in active conflict zones...Shandong Huawei and other emerging Chinese security...

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