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Bolivian Community Divided Over Sweatshops [Argentina]

Author: Marcela Valente, IPS, Published on: 6 April 2006

The Buenos Aires city government's new offensive against slave labour has resulted in the closure of 30 clandestine textile sweatshops in the Argentine capital...Minister...Rodríguez said that 30 out of 54 workshops inspected this week were closed, due to the appalling conditions in which about 300 Bolivians were working...The Bolivians worked 12 to 18 hours a day because the businesses that purchase the merchandise produced by the factories pay "ridiculously low prices,"...Cerrutti said there are 1,600 clandestine sweatshops in the city, 200 of which employ slave labour...The sweatshops supply garments for top labels such as Olga Naum, Lácar and members of the cooperative...received death threats this week for denouncing the conditions of slavery in which many of their fellow Bolivians are working.

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