Bosnia & Herzegovina: Healthcare system owed millions from companies that avoid paying taxes, says journalist report

Author: Center for Investigative Reporting, Published on: 15 September 2016

"BH health system: an orchestra without a conductor"

...Despite the fact that 987 million KM was spent on public health care last year, most of the health funds are owed millions from government agencies and private companies...[T]he largest source of debt comes from the public and private companies, which avoid paying the contributions for their employees, said directors of many of the funds...[T]he Zenica-Doboj Canton fund could increase its health care budget by approximately 50 percent if BH Steel would pay their tax debts to the canton, according to the fund’s director, Sulejman Muminović.But Muminović...doesn’t really know how much the steel company owes....[A] phone call to the mill’s deputy director general, Aziz Mujezinović, produced an immediate response: 20 million KM for health and pension benefits accumulated over the last 10 years. ‘We never kept a secret of that debt’ Mujezinović said. ‘If money existed it would have been transferred, we have never been avoiding to pay health taxes.’

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