Brazil: Amnesty International warns of increased violence in territorial conflicts in the Amazon due to land seizures and logging

Author: Amnesty International, Published on: 10 May 2019

“Brazil: Risk of bloodshed in the Amazon unless government protects Indigenous peoples from illegal land seizures and logging”, 7th May 2019

…There is an imminent risk of violent clashes in Brazil’s Amazon region unless the government protects Indigenous peoples’ traditional lands from increasing illegal land seizures and logging by armed intruders, Amnesty International warned…Amnesty International recently visited three different Indigenous territories in northern Brazil where illegal intruders had begun or expanded efforts to seize land and/or cut down trees. Indigenous leaders told the organization that they had received death threats for defending their traditional lands…Indigenous peoples in some territories conduct patrols to monitor and protect their land from these intrusions. As the intruders are often armed, there is a high risk of violent clashes with Indigenous peoples…Amnesty International’s researchers observed traces of roads and paths inside the Indigenous territories previously used by intruders, as well as pictures and videos of markers delineating plots and paths, and a tractor carrying timber…The government’s response to these illegal land seizures and logging remains inadequate. The surveillance of Indigenous territories depends in large part on coordination among different governmental bodies. Brazil’s National Indian Foundation…lacks police powers and relies on the support from other institutions, such as the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources…and the Federal Police…

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