Brazil: Former manager accuses Vale of spying on employees & infiltrating social & environmental movements; company response provided

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Company response
2 May 2013

Vale response

Author: Vale

[Vale response to allegations]…The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vale, Dan Conrado, and CEO, Murilo Ferreira, requested an audit into allegations made by Vale ́s former employee Andre Almeida related to supposed acts of spying on employees and infiltrating social and environmental movements in Brazil. Considering that the accusations were only published by the press and there is no official call to present formal clarifications, Vale is waiting for the appropriate moment and forum to refute and clarify the issues raised, one by one, consistent with its commitment to legality, ethics and justice.

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20 April 2013

Explosive Manager: Former employee accuses Vale of Espionage [Brazil]

Author: Lauro Jardim, Veja online [Brazil] [translation provided by People Affected by Vale]

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Vale to respond. Response provided.] A former Vale manager...André Almeida…[claims]...that company directors ordered him to tap employees' phones, to get journalist's phone bills, and to place infiltrators into…the Landless Movement (MST), into the Justice on the Rails Movement (JnT) and participated in the installation of telephone intercepts to monitor employees …Other covert actions…were performed by Brazilian National Intelligence Agency (Abin) officers on leave…Vale [says]…accusations are unfounded…[It] admits that it hired two Abin employees on leave…it monitors movements like the MST and Justice on the Rails…without infiltrating. It denies that it had access to income taxes and phone taps…and says that never had access to journalist's phone bills…it admits that…several employees were made to cede access to their personal telephone records to find out who had spoken to journalists…

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