Brazil: High court upholds Amazon indigenous land rights over private farmers

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11 December 2008

Brazil: high court upholds Amazon indigenous land rights

Author: Survival International

Indians across Brazil celebrated Dec. 10 as the majority of judges in the country's Supreme Court ruled to uphold indigenous land rights in a key case...The ruling concerns the indigenous territory Raposa-Serra do A small group of powerful farmers, who want the Indians' land and are supported by local politicians, had petitioned the Supreme Court to overturn the Brazilian government's legal recognition of the territory...Eight out of eleven Supreme Court judges affirmed the indigenous peoples' rights to the land...footage taken in May this year shows gunmen hired by one of the farmers attacking a Makuxi indigenous community...The indigenous people of Raposa-Serra do Sol believe that the loss of their land would have destroyed their way of life.

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11 December 2008

[video] Brazil land rights ruling expected - 11 Dec 08

Author: Al Jazeera

Indigenous leaders are claiming a victory against [rice] farmers who they say are occupying their lands in a Brazilian Amazon region. A majority of Brazil's supreme court judges say they'll support the claim for a reservation in Roraima state to remain in the hands of indigenous people. But the decision isn't yet final, and a ruling isn't expected until next year. Al Jazeeras Gabriel Elizondio reports from Brasilia.

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