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Brazil: Kinross response to the rejoinder of Above Ground and Justiça Global to the company’s first response in February 2018

Author: Kinross (Canada), Published on: 9 April 2018

“MEMO-RE: Kinross Gold comment on March 19 rejoinder from Above Ground and Justiça Global”, April 9, 2018
...On behalf of Kinross Gold, thank you for the opportunity to comment on the March 19 response from Above Ground and Justiça Global with respect to our concerns about their inaccurate and misleading report on Kinross’ operations in Paracatu, Brazil. Like the report itself, the authors’ response to our rebuttal is purposefully selective and ignores many basic facts that run counter to their unfounded allegations...The courts in Brazil have repeatedly ruled that Kinross’ purchase of lands, and continued use of these lands as mining facilities, are legal and consistent with the Constitution and laws of Brazil.  These rulings have analyzed the evidence and concluded that the Quilombola land claims in the area of the mine operation have no legal basis...Two...clinical studies...show that arsenic from our operations is not a public health concern for the people of Paracatu...In recent years, criminal trespassers have attempted to steal gold from flotation tails putting themselves and our employees in danger. Our approach has been to improve fencing, lighting, patrols, and other measures to limit access to the target areas, and to co-operate closely with local law enforcement officials...Kinross maintains a 24-hour hotline and takes immediate steps when complaints about dust or noise are received at our mine...Kinross’ operations have benefited the local community...Kinross is committed to openness and transparency with regard to our operations social and environmental performance, which is why we initiated contact…[T]he response itself includes...examples of omission and distortion…[T]he authors assert that “one of the scientific studies regarding arsenic exposure in Paracatu that is referenced by Kinross includes troubling findings not mentioned by the company in its public communications materials.” The study...was produced by the Mineral Technology Centre (CETEM) of the Brazilian Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, and does make reference to a risk assessment that found “unacceptable risk”...Above Ground and Justiça Global omit...that the initial risk assessment...was undertaken at the outset to determine whether an in-depth study was warranted…[I]t prompted the epidemiological and human exposure study, which was the basis of the CETEM report’s clear conclusions that arsenic does not pose a public health concern in Paracatu...

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