Brazil: Pão de Açúcar pledges to stop selling beef produced on deforested land in Amazon forest & by workers in slave-like conditions

Author: Chris Arsenault, Reuters, Published on: 8 April 2016

“Brazil's largest grocery chain pledges to chop deforestation, slavery from supply chain”, 8 April 2016

Brazil's largest grocery chain…[ Food retailer Pão de Açúcar]…has pledged to stop selling beef produced on deforested land in the Amazon rainforest in what campaigners say is a victory for the environment and human rights…[And]…also promised to stop buying beef produced by workers living in slave-like conditions, or cattle produced on land grabbed from local communities…[It]…has hired consulting firms to audit their supply chains and the firm will cut ties with businesses causing deforestation in the Amazon, said a spokeswomen for Greenpeace Brazil …"We have worked to mitigate the social and environmental risks of our supply chains," a company spokeswoman said...The firm operates 832 stores across Brazil and has pledged to help its suppliers improve their practices ahead of the June deadline…About 60 percent the land…[in the Amazon]…that was once rainforest is…occupied by cattle…Brazil has seen major improvements in recent years, as the government and companies have tried to address the problem.The rate of deforestation has fallen by nearly 80 percent since 2003...The cattle industry is one of the main industries employing enslaved workers in Brazil…

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