Brazil: Sugar producer’s impacts on artisanal fishermen & fisherwomen in River Estuary Sirinhaém community

Oxfam America and Comissão Pastoral da Terra are partnering on this human rights impact assessment to hold one of the largest sugar producers in country, the multinationals that purchase from it, and the Brazilian state, accountable for the adverse social and environmental impacts of its corporate activities in the region Pernambuco, located in the northeast of Brazil. This area of Brazil has a history of human rights violations. The project will research the key impacts and human rights violations suffered by artisanal fishermen and fisherwomen community of River Estuary Sirinhaém. This human rights impact assessment came out of Oxfam's Behind the Brands campaign research linked to land rights in the sugar sector. Currently Coca-Cola and Pepsi are conducting impact assessments of their sugar supply chain in Brazil so this particular case with CPT is a critical one to identify lessons between community-based and company-based HRIA approaches. (Summary from Oxfam America)