Brexit: Businesses speak out for rights of EU & UK citizens, incl. social rights

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8 December 2017

Businesses call for certainty on the rights of EU citizens

Author: BBC

More clarity on the Brexit transition is needed to stop companies proceeding with contingency plans despite the progress announced on Friday, the CBI has warned...

The CBI's Mr Drechsler also called for "unconditionality" about the status of EU citizens living in the UK...

The Institute of Directors (IoD) echoed the CBI's call for certainty on the rights of EU citizens...

...[T]he director general of the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC), said "clarity and security" for European employees had been the biggest priority for UK companies since the referendum vote.

"We are delighted that they, as well as UK citizens living and working in the EU, now have more clarity and can plan their future with greater confidence," he said...

The EEF, which represents manufacturers, said [...] "Many employers will be relieved that their EU employees have more certainty going forward, and government must now clarify the rights of EU citizens by Christmas so that they are not concerned about their future."

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6 December 2017

Joint statement from business groups & the TUC on EU citizens' rights

Author: CBI

The CBI, TUC, BCC, EEF and FSB have come together to call for the end to uncertainty for EU nationals in the UK and vice versa.

Four million EU and UK citizens face a second Christmas of uncertainty about their right to remain in the countries they now call home. Despite signs that negotiators have made progress on this issue, they are being treated as bargaining chips and are left unsure of their position, especially if there is no deal between the UK and the EU. 

Trade unions and businesses are deeply concerned that our friends, colleagues and workers continue to be in limbo. They deserve better treatment, given their vital contribution to our communities, businesses and public services.

The right to remain of the four million must be resolved. There must be certainty whatever the outcome of the Brexit negotiations. The UK government and EU27 should unilaterally guarantee their status and future rights before Christmas. Neither side need wait for the other to do this. 

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