Bridgestone – Firestone Argentina: Closed Preventively for Failure to Comply with Environmental and Safety Regulations

Author: Center for Human Rights & Environment (CEDHA), Published on: 23 August 2007

Bridgestone Firestone Argentina...was forced to close its doors yesterday by order of the federal environment authority (the SAYDS), a preventive measure for failing to comply with environmental regulations, including the expiration of necessary permits for the operation of dangerous pressurized heating caldrons on the company site, placing workers and the general population at risk... Bridgestone Firestone Argentina is located in the Matanza Riachuelo River basin...[where] since July of last year, over 200 industries have had permits temporarily or permanently revoked for failure to comply with social and environmental normative regulations, 168 companies have had preventive measures applied, and 39 have been temporarily or permanently closed. [also refers to Orvol, Quilmes (part of InBev), Danone, Shell, Dow Chemical]

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